Decisions Decisions

Ok, so after my well deserved reward week, it’s back to the grind I go . Scales out , foods portioned and 6packbag is filled with meals. I’ve decided to add a lot more food to my daily intake. Something I took away from my last prep was not having enough food. 7-8 meals a day with 5 being food and 2-3 being protein shakes. A LOT more carbs ranging from 250-300 grams. In order to get big you have to eat big.

Today marks 14 weeks until a NPC Men’s Physique show that I have been debating on doing . My brother (other part of #teamSMT ) also giving interest in competing . – A side not :: progress pics of him will be up soon . He has come a long way.

So my thinking is 4 weeks of lean bulk and light cardio. High carbs and fats kept in diet. Protein is always kept high in my meal plans. That will leave 10 weeks of great prep, cardio and strict meal plans.

As for gym sessions I will stay heavy . 5 sets of 5 reps each body part ending with a isolation till failure.
#boom ๐Ÿ’ข๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ’ข

I’ve done a few bodybuilding shows which are always fun. Tho I must admit I have become very interested in Mens Physique lately and really want to give it a shot. Posing is completely different but has a lot of same concepts. Any one willing to give some tips in posing that has been successful for them would be VERY appreciated.

Like I always say… It’s the work you put in for yourself that will change yourself..



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Reward week


So after all the hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and training .. It is all over. Last weekend I competed in Men’s Novice short class (under 5’7.. Ya ya I’m short ) bodybuilding competition. Out of a group of 7 I ended up standing in 5th place . While it wasn’t the place I was shooting for I did bring my best physique to date .

I have always been a weightlifter and about 2 years ago got into bodybuilding with not a clue what I was doing. After much trial and error, I can honestly say I think I have finally figured out the best routine for my body and diet.

In the last 2 years of training and dedication I have come a long way . With way more knowledge under my belt and experience, I am excited to see what the next 2 can bring .

I may not have succeeded at this competition but I will succeed soon enough. Just drives me even more. Everyone fails and most people struggle during it . It’s how you come out of those times that makes you a success.

As of now I told myself I would take the week off. Eat and drink as much as I wanted . Some people call it cheat meals others I’ve heard refer to then as reward meals. I prefer reward. You’ve dedicated so much to the life style, make sure to take the time to reward yourself.

As you can see in the picture I rewarded myself quite well. I will be back on the grind starting Saturday, eating well but A LOT more . Call it a “lean bulk” if you will. I am still debating weather or not I will compete in my first Men’s Physique show in Nov. We Shall see…. Stay tuned for updates!

Remember … You can accomplish anything with your own hands . It means that much more when it’s for you by you…. SELF*MADE


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5 days


After 10 weeks of training in the gym (and in the kitchen), I find myself 5 days out. One gym session left, a few more cardios and that’s all she wrote .

Started my lower carb days last Thursday and will go untill this Thursday. Not sure I believe in a total carb depletion but cutting them in half of what I used to is something my body and mind can handle. I get my carbs from strictly vegetables. On Thursday and friday, I will get my carbs back up with 5 of my 7 meals having about 40 grams of carbs each .

I have a diuretic for my water depletion. I used one in the past and I loved it. Only thing is you have I stay constant with your water while taking it . Sounds counterproductive but works. I will start the MHP Xpel on wed morning and take twice a day up until show time.

I will cut all water Friday evening and Saturday for the show.

I am actually more excited about this show than any in the past. My confidence is booming and all I want to do is step on stage. I’m confidence is not in winning but I will bring my best package and if a 1st place comes with it so be it.

The stage will be owned by me. And the audience will see me shine. 2nd place,3rd or 4th place .. Ill steal the show ..

Another post coming soon including pictures of day before and day of.

Remember to make yourself the best you can .. Because no one else will do it for you … SELFMADE

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Push and pull


My biceps have always been one of the hardest muscle parts for me to develop. I have a push-pull work out scheme so I usually do biceps with back. I have made some major improvements with them but I have put more focus and isolation than in the past.

I usually do back first to get my biceps a nice warm up and in some cases a “pump” going into the isolation section.

Less reps more weight or less weight more reps? Different opinions out there but I believe both are important. Tons of reading about this topic which many of you probably already know or have came across. I’m not one who’s heavy into the schooling department but within my research I’ve found that there are two parts of your muscle . Heavy reps hits one and light multiple reps hits the other . (To sum up all the technical terms and such .. ) lol

3-4 exercises with 3-4 sets of 6-8 reps are usually what the routine consists of. I hit them hard and strict on every rep. Since I am 11 days away from competition my sets range from 4-5 and reps from 10 to failure. Great burn.

21’s are one of my favorite and single arm concentration curls are a must, the way Arnold used to do it .
** see Pumping Iron for further explanation**

If you’ve got a great bicep “pump” exercise out there feel free to share.

Remember…. SELFMADE
… Cause no ones going to do it for you.

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2 weeks


So today marks two weeks until I make my way to the stage. My head is filled with so many questions and emotions.

Excited to see the end result, mentally tired from the constant push, nervous as anyone would be, sad that its almost over, happy that its almost over (lol) , contemplating if what I did was enough and anticipation of the experience.

Two weeks leaves me with 10 weight sessions left and 28 cardio sessions (two a day) .. When you put it like that it seems so close. 8 weeks ago I thought it would never come . I have however done these contest prep weeks a couple times and it does get easier , well the temptation is the same but the mental aspect gets easier.

With 10 days out I will start my carb depletion, which will last for 7 days. That will leave three days out to start the loading aspect of it (always the best part).

Water will stay the same up until 5 days out which I will start to gradually cut back till the Friday before. I’ll probably cut all water about 5pm the night before the show and then be so thirsty haha .

That’s the game plan for now which can always be slightly adjusted . This has been tweaked back and forth every show I do to try and find the perfect combo for my body. I’ve always been a fan of listening to your body so that’s why it’s just a “game plan”.

I would be glad to hear any advice from others if you see something in the plan worth chatting about. Lol.

Again, stay tuned for “day of” traditions I have . That’s always fun too.

… Cause no ones going to do it for you!

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Throwback Thursday


As I come up on two weeks until my competition, I reminisce on last year’s photos. Almost a year ago to the day since I thought I was ready for the competition.. Boy was I wrong . Didn’t even place.

Although I could not be upset with my progress up until that point, I was new in the bodybuilding world and only training/dieting for little over a year.

I’m over two years in now and I have learned SO much. Articles, magazines, books, and reaching out to people in the industry have helped me out with my training and to focus tremendously. It has been a fun ride so far and I can not wait for what’s in store for me next .

Don’t be afraid to look back and be proud of where you came from. Admire all the hard work you’ve put in. Comparing past and present is what drives me.
“You mean I’ve came that far in two years?!”

I’m definitely bringing a better package and a more confident me to the stage in 15 days. Stay tuned for results !

“Cause no ones gonna do it for you … “SELF*MADE

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Food tips


Eating “clean” can be difficult at times. Especially when your in full bodybuilding competition mode like me. I rarely see food like other people do. We could be out to dinner, watching others enjoying foods I haven’t ate in months and I’ll tell my wife ” I really wish I could eat like that again”.

I don’t really wish that, it’s just what is pleasing to the mind . I do enjoy a “cheat” day every now and then but clean eating is now the life for me .

Foods pretty much broken down into three parts; proteins, carbs and fats.

On an average day my break down is usually 200-240 grams of protein , 150-180 g of carbs and 30-50 of fats . With my caloric intake of around 2,000 (plus or minus depending on the workout and if I just can’t stand the hunger anymore.

I have most of my carbs the first three meals of the day and the next 3-4 I try to just stick with proteins and good fats. The theory behind this is that I can keep a decent sugar level throughout the day (to not be grumpy pants as my wife calls me ) and deplete while in the evening and while I sleep. The lack of carbs at that point with encourage the metabolism to burn more fat than anything else. Keeping protein up with all meals should be enough to keep away the Catabolic state of the muscle.

The book listed below is a great book about this way of eating . I highly suggest it as a MUST READ.

“Better Than Steroids” by Dr. Warren Willey

I am not a nutritionist by any means but have tried various ways of how to eat clean. Feel free to ask any questions . I’m always open to share or if you have some comments on how you eat clean I would love to learn. You can never know enough about food ..

Eat clean , train hard .. SELFMADE

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Twice a day it happens , 45 minutes each session. I change back and forth from stair master to incline fast walk on the treadmill. During these last couple weeks of my training the cardio is brutal. I know my competition is doing it and that in itself keeps me motivated. YouTube videos and favorite gym mixes on the beats by dre headphones keep me focused. I push to achieve what I know I can of myself .. SELFMADE Remember to train hard, eat clean and SELFMADE

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19 days


First post…. and I’m full speed ahead into a bodybuilding competition. I am currently T-19 days until the Muscle Mayhem natural bodybuilding competition in Sacramento, Ca. The division will be “short novice” (under 5’7). That would put me about 8 weeks into my training program and I’m seeing great results. I will definitely show up looking my best and proud of where I have reached. I cant wait for the end result and “peak” week is always a fun experience as well. Will definitely keep updates coming on the progress and the structure last-week-peak-week. Is it good enough to win? We shall see. Photos to come soon.

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Tired of eating…


Six to seven times a day I pull out a tupperwear container out of my sixpackbags and grin. Don’t get me wrong, eating time is what I look forward to every two and a half hours. Just, it takes the same dedication into eating, of all things, as the gym sessions and cardio workouts. They say abs are made in the kitchen and by experiment I believe them. Sometimes getting all those meals into one day is tough but I do it cause it has to be done. I put just as much dedication into the meal prep, meal schedule as I do into the weights and cardio. Hope it all pays off….

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